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You both didn't really argue his point to a great extent, so why was that?Did you feel like you didn't owe them an explanation because you simply knew what you and Chase had, or at that time, did you not blame them for thinking that based on how you had interacted together in front of them?Is marriage or anything like that in your future plans?Summer Mack: You know, one of the things I mentioned on the show when they asked us about who's most ready to be married and have kids, and I said, "Both," it was a total dodo answer, but I really had a hard time picking either one of those because we have had that conversation.It seemed to prepare us pretty well, because we were able to communicate on the phone through great conversations, and it kind of fills in the gaps of when we can't see each other.Reality TV World: Where do you see yourself being with Chase a few years or maybe even five years from now?It really matters to me what they think about the person that I'm dating and I'm spending my time with, but Ben and Michelle and their opinions of us were completely irrelevant to me.And for me to spend the time and energy defending what Chase and I had to people like that, it was just not something that I wanted to focus on while I was there.

When you and Chase left the show, especially considering the distance between you guys, did you ever think you'd make it to the point you're at now?

And we both talked about what our five-year plans were, and I felt like they were pretty solid on both ends on what we were both looking for in the next five years.

We both wanted to be married and on the way to having kids.

On Wednesday, Summer talked to Reality TV World about her Love in the Wild experience and relationship with Chase -- including whether they're still together, what happened between them when they both moved home and tried to work things out, why she left the show with a lot of doubts about her relationship with Chase, and how she thought Benjamin Clark and Michelle Sacco's relationship greatly differed from her own. He's actually coming to visit me this weekend for my birthday, so I'm really excited to see him. Then of course, after the show came out and they got to see him and kind of expand on his character, it just re-confirmed what a great guy he was. Reality TV World: The show also said you plan on moving to California to be closer to Chase. It was a little bit of an upgrade from where I live and I really liked it, and all of his friends are really nice.

Reality TV World: At the end of this week's Love in the Wild episode, it said you two are still dating and have been visiting each other every other week. So in the beginning I thought, "Maybe I could move here!

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And also, how do you think being ontogether prepared you to handle that?

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