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They aren't always easy to understand, but when they do talk, they speak quickly and jump from subject to subject.If all goes according to plan, users will experience a good, or positive, trip.Now, when I read this, I was immediately skeptical. Could the benefits be true, or was it just nonsense that a bunch of hippies made up out of their own cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias? Always consult a medical professional before doing anything. And hopefully, it goes without saying that I would in no way encourage you to break the law, considering these substances are illegal in many places. Unlike a 5-day water fast where you have a complete narrative arc, the day-to-day microdosing experience is broken into three-day “chunks.”You build up a tolerance to psychedelics very quickly, so it’s not practical to take a microdose every day.Instead, practitioners will take a dose every 4 days, usually consuming 1/10th of a standard “recreational” dose each time.

The same, it turns out, is true with psychedelics like LSD and mushrooms.

Reading through James Fadiman’s book on psychedelics, I was fascinated by the ongoing citizen science research he and his peers are doing on “microdosing.” Taking very small amounts of LSD and mushrooms on a regular basis to enhance your daily life. And starting in the ‘60s, curious psychonauts like Fadiman began experimenting with microdosing LSD and mushrooms.

A microdose is when you’ve had just enough of a drug to have a subtle effect, but without the full experience. If you take a full recreational dose of psilocybin (shrooms) or LSD, you’re pretty much out of commission for the next 6-18 hours.

They feel that their mind has burst through its normal boundaries, and they often claim to have had experiences that are spiritual or religious, with a new understanding of how their world and surroundings (or, you know, their lava lamps) work.

People tripping on LSD may have very questionable reasoning skills, becoming impulsive or irrational.

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As the trip ends, the patient may feel dizzy or nauseous, but people usually recover with no lasting side effects.

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