Mandating and enforcing culture

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Mandating and enforcing culture

The eastern part, around Mersin and Adana, is known for extensive cotton production by wealthy landowners.

Mersin is an important seaport and oilrefining center.

It has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, humid winters.

Its area is 301,382 square miles (814,578 square kilometers).

It is bounded on the west by the Aegean Sea; on the northwest by the Sea of Marmara, Greece, and Bulgaria; on the north by the Black Sea; on the east by Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran; and on the south by Iraq, Syria, and the Mediterranean.

Eastern Anatolia is the most mountainous, remote, undeveloped, and sparsely populated region.

Its elevation and cold temperatures make it less suitable for crop cultivation than the rest of Anatolia.

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