Manolo cardona dating

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Manolo cardona dating

Mori got the lead role in where she played a role of successful and promising CIO co-starring with Hector Arredondo and Fernando Lujan.The drama was produced by Mori and was filmed in Mexico City and Valle de Bravo.

The documentary also featured other cancer survivors like Jaclyn Smith, Diahann Carroll, Daniel Baldwin, William Baldwin and Priya Dutt whose lives were touched by cancer.

In 2005 he starred in the film La mujer de mi hermano opposite Bárbara Mori and Christian Meier which was released in the United States in 2006.

In 2006 he finished filming "Madrid-Mexico" with director Enrique Renteria.

Barbara’s net worth has grown surprisingly in 2014.

She owns a Lingerie line, the ‘Fat Mori Burger’, own brand of vodka ‘Wondermori’ and a fashion line called ‘Barbara Mori Seduction’.

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At the age of fourteen he shot his first television commercial and began modeling professionally for TV commercials, photography, and including runways for several agencies in Colombia.