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Marie sonnet dating

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Jordan Catalano is a high school junior who was held back two years. He smokes cigarettes, often puts Visine in his eyes, and leans with his eyes closed as if he's trying not to look at things. Jordan is also a victim of domestic violence as he was beat by his father as a child.

Jordan often expresses that he's rather annoyed and discontent with the repetitive nature of his life.

He explains to Rickie in "Halloween" that he continues to include himself so he doesn't miss out if anything exciting ever does happen.

The disabilities fully come into light in "The Substitute," after the substitute English teacher, Mr.

Racine, catches onto the fact that Jordan has difficulty reading and plays dumb just so people will not know about his reading problems.

He also starts trying harder with his schoolwork and goes to class more after receiving encouragement and help from Angela and his tutor, Brian.Angela hypothesizes that Jordan is dyslexic in "Why Jordan Can't Read" after she discovers he couldn't read a love letter she wrote about him.She tries to help Jordan because her Uncle Neil is also dyslexic.Jordan begins rehearsing with his band, The Frozen Embryos, in "Why Jordan Can't Read." He unintentionally leads Angela to believe his song, "Red," is about her despite being about his car.The band suffers a big blow when Tino quits the band in "On the Wagon" and briefly hires Rayanne as lead singer against Jordan's wishes.

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In "Resolutions," Angela signs him up for peer tutoring after he refuses to keep allowing her to do his homework for him.

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