Mark calaway dating

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Mark calaway dating

The Undertaker looks like the kind of person who is quiet when he is out of character but he has still managed to be married three times and divorced twice.

Obviously, at the age of 51, Michelle knew that she was marrying a man who would have a past but The Undertaker's is much more packed than many others.

Taker, real name Mark Calaway, has very rarely broke character throughout his years in WWE.

Well, The Undertaker and Michelle Mc Cool are proving that age really is just a number.

Away from the ring, after divorcing his first two wives, Taker married fellow WWE superstar Mc Cool in 2010.

And during a rare interview this week he began to tear up as he discussed the spiritual pilgrimage he had embarked on since meeting her.

Even though that is a change in generations, these two don't seem that bothered by the striking difference in age.

Maybe the saying is true and these two could be proving everyone wrong.

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WWE legend The Undertaker gave fans a rare glimpse in to his emotional side as he discussed his relationship with wife Michelle Mc Cool.

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