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Mars venus dating advice

Compromise will help avoid hostility, but a tendency to agree to anything just to get your way could lead to loss and regret.

You could also channel this energy into creative work like sculpture or dance.Turns out didn’t think so because all he talked about was his girlfriend problems. Should he not have told me beforehand that he was in a relationship? In no way would anyone translate that invite to mean “I need a shoulder to cry on and you seem nice.Let me pay for your meal while I work out my relationship problems.”You know, I’m just going to let myself believe that’s exactly what you told him, and that he went away feeling like a jerk.Any irritation at loved ones can rapidly escalate to anger and temper tantrums.Yet this intensity of feeling subsides just as quickly as it builds, once the pressure valve has been released.

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Venus square Mars transit is associated with anger, a lack of self control and impulsiveness.

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