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Massive collection on dating  e book collection

However, ebook sales declined10 percent in 2017 versus 2016, according to Pub Track Digital data released this spring.Although these losses have been offset by increases in audiobook and hardback sales, publishers will continue looking to shore up ebook sales, and librarians are certainly hoping that their institutions aren’t once again viewed as scapegoats.We can track the spike in likes and adds on Goodreads.”In addition to the official responses from ALA and Readers First, there has been lots of negative feedback on social media.On Twitter, many readers declared “embargoes” of their own on Tor ebooks, while many librarians argued against the premise of the test.However, “we’ve always had some concerns about the impact that [library sales] might have on other channels.We saw a lot of indicators…of some level of cannibalization in both print and digital from a variety of different channels.”As Foy noted, determining the impact that library ebook lending has on the overall sales of a title is difficult to track.“We tried to identify within Macmillan…a stable group of titles, where we could pull them out of the mix, briefly, [and learn whether] the overall sales patterns of those books would change at all,” he said.In a move that has raised concern throughout the library field, Macmillan in July announced that it would be testing a four month embargo on selling new ebooks published by its Tor imprint to libraries.The publisher said the test would help it determine whether library lending is having a negative impact on retail ebook sales.

Which translates to their own bottom line.”Tor and Macmillan have avoided engaging with librarians on social media about the test.

Ebooks now make up 25 percent of all collection materials, as opposed to one percent in 2006.

The decline of chain bookstores has also made public libraries an increasingly important partner for introducing new authors and titles in many U. communities.“Unfortunately, there is just a lack of appreciation of the great value that authors, agents, and publishers receive by having their ebooks, digital audiobooks, and [print] books available for discovery and potential use in public libraries,” Over Drive founder and CEO Steve Potash told LJ.

“What, however, is your evidence that e Book lending by libraries is having a deleterious effect upon your sales?

Could trends other than library e Books sales have more to do with any decline you may be seeing?

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Tor has “very stable, repeatable sales patterns among authors and series—a real consistency book to book.