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Milfshookup edmonton alberta

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it is Canada's fourth most populous province and the most populous of Canada's three prairie provinces. It has a predominantly humid continental climate, with stark contrasts over a year; but seasonal temperature average swings are smaller than in areas further east, due to winters being warmed by occasional chinook winds bringing sudden warming.

The southern quarter of the province is prairie, ranging from shortgrass prairie in the southeastern corner to mixed grass prairie in an arc to the west and north of it.

The central aspen parkland region extending in a broad arc between the prairies and the forests, from Calgary, north to Edmonton, and then east to Lloydminster, contains the most fertile soil in the province and most of the population.

The province extends 1,223 km (760 mi) north to south and 660 km (410 mi) east to west at its maximum width.Dinosaur Provincial Park, near Brooks, Alberta, showcases the badlands terrain, desert flora, and remnants from Alberta's past when dinosaurs roamed the then lush landscape.Alberta has a humid continental climate with warm summers and cold winters.Calgary is about 280 km (170 mi) south of Edmonton and 240 km (150 mi) north of Montana, surrounded by extensive ranching country.Almost 75% of the province's population lives in the Calgary–Edmonton Corridor.

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There are numerous rivers and lakes used for swimming, fishing and a range of water sports.