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The website is globally popular for facilitating internet dating for people of all ages.

Elders Dating As the name suggests, Elders Dating is one of the reliable dating sites, which can be accessed without paying anything.The difference in number wasn't quite so pronounced then — that study found that 13 percent of American men used dating apps or sites, while nine percent of women also reported doing so — but even so, the general trend still holds up. Why are so many more men utilizing tech-savvy methods of dating than women?Mic's Kate Hakala did a little digging in an attempt to find out.A free online dating agency which should be avoided at all costs.Full of dirty old men and no-hoper teenagers with filthy underpants desperately seeking attractive young women.

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Obviously not all of these reasons apply to every single man out there, but they do shed a little bit of light on why there's such a disparity of users.

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