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Muddy matches dating site

“People say they’re looking for someone who understands what farming is like — the reality of it, not the rose-tinted [idea],” says Reeves.

“We have software that checks for scammers first, but then there’s always a human eye or two to cast over every single profile.” In the decade since Muddy Matches launched, its staff has grown large enough that the pair put less time into its day-to-day operations.If I had to describe the feature set of Muddy Matches in one word, I would say it’s limited.The service uses a fairly basic search function and messaging system.Both were single at the time; Royall’s farm life provided limited socialization, and Reeves spent her waking hours either writing her thesis or working a part-time job.“We started talking about dating, and I asked if she’d been seeing anybody recently,” recalls Reeves.

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