My chemical romance dating list of pc dating games

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My chemical romance dating

Credit to the person who drew it btw.) A person sits down next to me, but I don't really care at this point, so I don't look over at them.I hear the door to the classroom shut, the teacher walks around, making sure everyone has been working.When I awoke, I saw a room in disarray from the previous night's passion, with used filter paper and soiled pipettes strewn everywhere. I walk through my school, ignoring the kids that have decided to shout insults at me. "A word with you please miss," I follow my homeroom teacher into her classroom."Sorry.." I mutter since I accidentally hit his arm. So, instead of being polite, I shrug." You remind me of a person I went to school with, though I don't remember his name."It's fine." He says, continuing on his way after looking at me oddly. Always doodling, never saying the answers even if he knew them." And with that, she walks up to the front of the room and begins to write on the chalkboard. ' Portraits.' "So, today class we will be drawing portraits of a few old member of the school.The teacher places the few photos she was talking about earlier on my desk and heads off to talk to the men who entered the room.I look at the photos and decide on one and begin to sketch it, filling it in as I go.

You may go." I walk out of that room from that useless conversation, heading to my locker, only to come face to face with a man walking in a hurry off to one of the wings that had been cleared for them.I quickly twist in my combination before opening it. Like always, I sit by myself, doodling on a piece of paper. I look up to see how many people are in the room now. They'll be looking at them later, so do your best today. " I ask, trying my best not to cringe at how stupid I sound.I put my backpack in there, taking out my sketchbook and pencil bag, along with my folder full of assignments. My teacher walks behind me, but I don't know where she went after that. I'll be putting their photos on your desks for references." She explains, walking off to her desk to retrieve the papers." You do not have to draw all three, just select one and work on it throughout class." Now, I'm normally the most quiet kid in class, but I get really interested when I get to draw people. I raise my hand shyly, making sure no one notices me pulling out a pencil. "I was hoping she'd answer me when she came around to me. "I haven't taught you how to do black and white, but if you want to challenge yourself, go ahead." She says, trying to sound overly nice as the dude I ran into in the hallway enters the classroom along with another dude. This, obviously, isn't a chapter, but I wanted to let you know that I'm here for you.If you feel depressed, anxious, or suicidal, please reach out to me.

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I can't help but notice that he looks familiar, like I saw him somewhere. "Hey, that drawing is really, really good..........." after a long silence he continues."this may be really strange and out of no where, but my name's Gerard Way....

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