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The same supervisor is also easily manipulated by the same male boss (the boss of the entire organization) I referred to above and I find this to be disturbing that some ppl allow themselves to be so easily manipulated, esp women. It's difficult for people to tell the difference between genuine positive social interaction and flattery for nefarious reasons.I also think that this type of manipulation is much more stealthy than negative manipulation. It's frustrating when we can see it but others cannot!

Some children use this tactic in order to delay, stall, and manipulate adults into doing for them what they don’t want to do. By targeting the recipient’s emotional weaknesses and vulnerability, the manipulator coerces the recipient into ceding unreasonable requests and demands. Victimhood Examples: Exaggerated or imagined personal issues. What about ppl who manipulate using flattery, compliments, or kissing up (doing small favors/tasks, small gifts, etc)?

This type of questioning with hidden agenda can also occur at the workplace or in personal relationships. The assumption may be that if they project their voice loudly enough, or display negative emotions, you’ll submit to their coercion and give them what they want.

The aggressive voice is frequently combined with strong body language such as standing or excited gestures to increase impact. Negative Surprises Some people use negative surprises to put you off balance and gain a psychological advantage.

This can be the manipulator’s office, home, car, or other spaces where he feels ownership and familiarity (and where you lack them). Let You Speak First to Establish Your Baseline and Look for Weaknesses Many sales people do this when they prospect you. Some people use this technique for no other reason than to feel a sense of intellectual superiority. Overwhelm You with Procedures and Red Tape Certain people use bureaucracy – paperwork, procedures, laws and by-laws, committees, and other roadblocks to maintain their position and power, while making your life more difficult.

By asking you general and probing questions, they establish a baseline about your thinking and behavior, from which they can then evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. This technique can also be used to delay fact finding and truth seeking, hide flaws and weaknesses, and evade scrutiny. Raising Their Voice and Displaying Negative Emotions Some individuals raise their voice during discussions as a form of aggressive manipulation.

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Granted, I am a very good employee, but it seems as if he goes overboard with flattery and he's taken it one step further and is now promising possible opportunities/promotion in upcoming years.

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