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Natalie portman dating list

Taken off the audition circuit, Dormer waitressed and worked in data entry to support herself.

In 20, Dormer played Anne Boleyn in the first two seasons of The Tudors, for which she received highly positive reviews.

The ultimate combination of beauty and brains, Natalie Portman is someone that’ll intimidate most guys with her stunning looks and formidable intelligence. We feel like complete perverts; putting up nude pictures of Natalie Portman, especially after watching a video like that. This was taken in the year 2000, which means she was about 19 years old. In all her movies there hasn’t been a direct, unblocked view of her chest so this is a treasure right here.

Let us cope with our feeling of inadequacy by looking at her charming nude pictures. We don’t think she ever went through an awkward phase. Maybe we should share something more vanilla instead… We’ll start with her 2007 performance in Hotel Chevalier, a short film by Wes Anderson. For more boobs and goodness, you might want to see her Black Swan co-star Mila Kunis naked.

After the filming of Casanova, Dormer was out of work for ten months, which she ascribes to "bad representation".

She was attached to an independent film which kept being delayed because of financial problems.

In November 2014, it was announced that Dormer was to star as the scandalous 18th-century noblewoman Lady Worsley in a BBC drama called The Scandalous Lady W, based on the book Lady Worsley's Whim by the historian Hallie Rubenhold; it aired in August 2015.For her performance in the third season of the show, Dormer won the Ewwy Award for Best Supporting Actress - Drama.In March 2013, she played the Lady Door in the radio play of Neverwhere, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman.She describes herself as the "academic hopeful" of the family and was provisionally offered a place to study history at Cambridge; but, in her A-level History exam, she did not achieve the A grade she needed to attend after she misread an exam question.Dormer decided she would audition for drama schools and decided to train at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

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She returned to The Tudors as Anne Boleyn in a dream sequence for the fourth and final season in mid-2010.

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