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Do not sign your application until requested by the authorized agent, otherwise you’ll have to complete the form again. When completing the passport form, make sure you pay close attention to the different fields.The photos cost anywhere from around -15 and are in addition to your passport application fee.Bring the photos with you to the application facility, but they don’t have to be attached to the application.There is likely a passport office somewhere near you. The wizard at that link has the ability to search for places near you, including places that also offer photo services.The United States Postal Service (USPS) offices also allow you to submit applications.The length of time it takes to receive your passport depends on whether or not you expedite it, where you submit it, and what the work load is currently at the passport offices. This can be longer if there are a lot of backorders.An expedited order is supposed to arrive within three weeks but could also take longer.

Using a private company could speed it up to even less, reportedly even 48 hours.Click the link to search around for the office nearest you.For those of you traveling within two weeks or need a foreign visa within four weeks, then you’ll need to visit a Passport Agency. Depending on which you are, you will have to provide different evidence of your eligibility. You’re also able to pick up the application where you will submit your application. The proof of identity simply needs to be something that has a good photo of you on it and has your signature. If you are submitting identification from out of state, you must also present a secondary form of ID with matching information as found on your first form of identification. Citizens, your parents must fill out the CRBA form (FS-240) and submit to the nearest U. It is best to simultaneously apply for a passport so there are no issues getting back into America. For most people the 28 page is plenty given you’ll likely need to renew before filling it up. To get a copy of the required application form, you can print-from-home or print at a local library. The proof of identification is a bit easier and less daunting than the proof of citizenship.

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There is a great article explaining how to use a Private Passport Expediter.