Nobel prize for elucidating the molecular structure of dna

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Nobel prize for elucidating the molecular structure of dna

At around the same time that these findings of Avery were published, further impetus came from a perhaps unlikely source: Erwin Schrödinger, Nobel Laureate in Physics 1933.In a series of lectures given in Ireland in 1943, the Austrian physicist expounded ideas that would have a massive influence on a generation of physicists and biologists.As well as paving the way for the unlocking of the code of DNA and genes, Watson, Crick and Wilkin’s findings also had deep implications for how DNA is replicated, which were immediately recognised by the scientists themselves.James Watson discussed these implications in relation to the replication of viruses at his 1967 lecture at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting: But how are large molecules of DNA put together from their nucleotide building-blocks?Schrödinger argued that genetic material must contain a “code-script” that determines an individual’s development.

Sancar, a professor of biochemistry and biophysics at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Chapel Hill, described nucleotide excision repair, which cells use to counteract the effects of mutagens.After Miescher’s isolation of the curious substance, other researchers then took up the baton and got to grips with characterising its chemical structure.Albrecht Kossel, a biochemist from Rostock in Germany determined that “nuclein” was composed of both protein and non-protein portions.However, it also received much more direct help: from the British crystallographer Rosalind Franklin.She had concluded that the phosphate molecules in DNA were located on the outer surface of the DNA molecule, and also made estimates of the amount of water that was to be found in it.

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The stage was now set for perhaps the most spectacular discovery in the history of research into DNA: determination of its molecular structure and the realisation that the sequence of bases was responsible for determining the traits observed by Mendel, Sutton, Boveri and others, and was the “code-script” spoken of by Schrödinger.

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