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Nsdating net

// Instant represents time from epoch Instant now = System Clock. Get Current Instant(); // Convert an instant to a Zoned Date Time Zoned Date Time now In Iso Utc = now.

In Utc(); // Create a duration Duration duration = Duration.

This tool converts dates to cocoa dates (number of seconds since Jan 1, 2001).

This is useful if you want to know a numeric value to expect from the -time Interval Since Reference Date method of NSDate, or what to pass to – (id)init With Time Interval Since Reference Date:(NSTime Interval)seconds Note that this assumes you’re in timezone 0 (GMT).

Pull requests close faster than issues (merged or rejected).Registers an object for being observed externally (using NSString key Path).Observed changes are dispatched to the observer’s object Observe Value(NSString, NSObject, NSDictionary, Int Ptr) method.There are many places where format strings behave in unexpected ways.For example: If you're working with user-visible dates, you should avoid setting a fixed date format string because it's very hard to predict how your format string will be expressed in all possible user configurations.

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To use: Just type in a new value in any of the boxes and press enter or tab or click somewhere and it should just update.