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For now, you’ll have to do some finger work and search the archives yourself. Newer to these pages is Kit Harington and his kingly booty. John Cena may have the most bodacious bottom ever seen on this site, but don’t take my word for it. Backing this post into the end zone (groan if you must, and don’t come for me over bad sports puns that I don’t even fully understand) is David Beckham.(Yes, there are archives – scroll to the bottom of the page and type anything into the search section and see what comes up.) Oh wait, it’s Ash? I have yet to start binge-watching ‘Game of Thrones’ so this GIF will have to suffice. More of his bum may be found at this link-filled post.We stand out against other gay chat sites because of our huge range of ways to meet hot gay guys.You can find six free gay chat options all on the one website, making it easier and more exciting than ever to meet men online.No one who comes here regularly is going to complain about that kind of editing, so I suppose now is a good time to recount all the times Zac Efron got naked here: Who knew a math teacher would offer so many scintillating poses for this website?Pietro Boselli has been turning heads as many times as he has been solving equations, thanks in large part to pictures like this. It’s not our first Ass Wednesday at the butt-baring rodeo.Each of our gay chat sections is packed with gay, bi, and straight guys at all times meaning you will never get bored or struggle to meet the next hot guy regardless of which way you choose to chat.

This is why Man roulette became known as the Gay Roulette Chat or Gay Chat Roulette (depending on what country you live in).

This site was built on the broad and shirtless shoulders of the male form, preferably in various states of undress.

Celebrating the beauty of the naked human body has long been a province of serious art, but somewhere along the line it became dirty and salacious.

Pfft to all that – we celebrate our nakedness as God intended us to be. Heading up this sexy line-up is film star Idris Elba.

Not sure what the latest is on his popular bid to be the next James Bond (last I heard the director was off the latest iteration of the franchise, and Mr. I hope he is the next martini sipper, and check out his Hunk of the Day crowning to see how well he could fill out those fancy shoes. It’s almost that time of the year: Super Bowl time.

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Happy Ass Wednesday everybody – shake it if you’ve got it! It’s been way too long since Jake Gyllenhaal has been naked onscreen, and on this blog, so let’s get a glimpse of his new Netflix movie wherein he plays a gay character. Check out those previous nude looks here, here, and here.

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