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Obsidian white dating

The process can be sped up in the presence of water.

This also means that Obsidian is only found in relatively modern areas, and in none older than the Cretaceous age (from 135 million to 63 million years ago).

Rhyolite typically cools more rapidly near the earth's surface and contains smaller mineral crystals than granite.

The planned damming of the Snake River threatened archaeological sites located along the river’s edge leading the Army Corps of Engineers to contract salvage excavations at Granite Point and several other endangered archaeological sites. These excavations uncovered the site’s long history of occupation and revealed a record of 10,000 years of cultural change which made Granite Point an important component to building a cultural chronology of the Lower Snake River Region.(Silicon dioxide also known as silica from latin silex meaning flint stone) in water.Chemically, Obsidian closely resembles granite and rhyolite but the processes which lead to the formation of Obsidian are different to those which shape granite.Granite cools very slowly miles below the surface of the earth.This slow cooling over millions of years allows sizable mineral crystals to form within the slowly cooling mass of molten rock.

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Like all glass and some other types of naturally occurring rocks Obsidian breaks with a characteristic "conchoidal" fracture.

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