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One direction dating each other

Niall had a colorful vocabulary and didn't hesitate to show you when you had that intense argument those two weeks ago.

In short he ended up calling you a 'fat cunt' and you ended up calling him 'a spineless son of a bitch'.

"Wow Liam, I always thought you were always a bit rude but I would never stoop so low and insult someones parents," You said bitterly as you settled your drink down and walked away, he didn't even deserve an 'excuse me'.

By the time you had reached the side door of the building and walked through it for some fresh air, you were so livid that angry tears started pouring down your face.

"You get to see him everyday Lou, was it necessary to invite the child," You complained to your best friend.

Louis laughed and wiped his hands clean then leaned against the counter "[Y/N], [Y/N], If you only knew what I knew," He sang in a taunting voice as he patted your cheek and walked out the kitchen.

You merely stabbed the clear wrap until it was split in two.

"Harry thank you for your hospitality and I had such an amazing time hanging with you but I think I'm going to head home a week earlier than I had planned," You said in a rushed tone as you put the knife back and went over to the guest room.

You were currently at a after party they were throwing and as usual Liam had caught you doing something 'rude' as he would say and started calling you out.

"Wait, but [Y/N] you can't leave yet." You heard Harry plead when you passed by him.

You threw your suitcase on top of the bed and started pulling clothes into it "It was just a joke, don't get your panties in a bundle," You heard Louis say from behind you. Louis sighed "Please don't go," You turned around surprised but stared at him suspiciously "Why?

As soon as Louis saw you on the floor he busted out laughing, Liam looked around confused and Harry tried to suppress a laugh.

Louis had managed to cover the entrance from the kitchen to the living room with clear sandwich wrapping paper giving the illusion that there was nothing there but as soon as you crash against it you get thrown back.

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