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This aspect of virtual dating is particularly attractive for busy professionals who are compelled to work their social lives around their complicated everyday commitments.The safety conscious aspect is also very attractive, especially to people who are relatively new to Internet dating and may still be slightly concerned about giving too much away to people who are relative strangers. Communication through computer screens is somewhat soulless compared to the face-to-face version.But at the end of the day, the activity is all about bringing people together in the longer-term.

A lot of free dating websites are geared towards matching people with compatible partners based on pre-determined criteria.

This allows people to be far more discerning when it comes to deciding whom to make contact with.

The other side to these attributes is the sheer number of possible candidates can become somewhat overwhelming.

There are two main drawbacks that online dating merchants experience.

It is common for many people to chargeback due to dissatisfaction when looking for suitors online.

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Online dating merchants rank high among fraudulent businesses.

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