Online dating should women ask men out

Posted by / 18-Nov-2020 03:38

That is why you'll see many responses on this sub about how refreshing it is when a woman does something completely unconventional like asking a man out on a date.

It's a relief not to have the pressure all on us for once. That one day, the burden of romantic relationships will be made legitimately equal and that shyer men will not be forced to always take the first step. Don't worry, an egalitarian dating scene is right around the corner.

Since when are we the type of women who linger passively on the sidelines and watch as life happens without us?

It wasn't "the norm" for a woman to be able to sleep with whomever she wanted and not feel shame for still wearing a white dress on her wedding day.

However, slowly but surely, women before us started doing all of these things with increasing frequency, and they became more normal.

Plus, if you ask him out, it'll stroke his ego in a way that'll be flattering for him, which will probably lead to a "yes" for you.

Guys need a little confidence, too – and if he's a shy dude, he might make a move.

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