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Oprah and obama dating

In February 2010, Obama launched "Let's Move," an initiative challenging all of America to raise healthier kids.

"The physical and emotional health of an entire generation and the economic health and security of our nation is at stake," Obama said.

She inexplicably reaches into our own experiences by sharing hers. To give it all we've got, whatever She once said, "Nothing in my life's path would have predicted that I'd be standing here as the first African-American First Lady of the United States of America.

There is nothing in my story that would land me here." Born into a middle-class family on the south side of Chicago, she carved her extraordinary success through hard work and relentless dedication, boldly challenging the status quo throughout her life.

On Saturdays, Michelle cleaned the bathroom, scrubbing the sink and toilet and mopping the floor," , "If these girls don't learn how to make a bed or clean a room, what are they going to do when they go to college?

I [wanted] the kids to be treated like children, not little princesses.

So the girls help set the table, they help bring the food out, they work with the butler staff, and they're in the kitchen laughing and making their toast in the morning." When Oprah asked Michelle Obama in 2009 if her love for Barack had deepened since they had begun the presidency, she replied, "Absolutely.

I told my boss, 'This is what I have: two small kids. "We thought COO was the best job category to describe what the first lady does," James Pedderson of executive placement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas described.

And for that, he estimates "FLOTUS, COO" should be making 7,000 a year.

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"The pie in the White House is dangerously good," she confessed to "We want to use it as a point of education, to talk about health and how delicious it is to eat fresh food, and how you can take that food and make it part of a healthy diet.

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