Ora 01722 invalid number updating date pros of dating an older woman

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Ora 01722 invalid number updating date

You have made the classic mistake here of using a character string field to hold a number. i do understand that the query is executed (before your correction) as SELECT TO_NUMBER(TRIM(CITY_ZIP_START_CD)) SCD, TO_NUMBER(TRIM(CITY_ZIP_END_CD)) ECD FROM TB_CMA086_US_CITYWHERE DECODE((REPLACE(TRANSLATE(TRIM(CITY_ZIP_START_CD),'0123456789','00000000000'),'0', NULL)), NULL, -9876121254,-12345 ) = -9876121254AND 681 August 03, 2003 - am UTC ..my little knowledge on sql, i understand that inline query could execute first and then the other.that not so ? ) ..please correct me......operative word there is COULD.Not "must"Not "will""could"it could -- but it wasn't -- so it failed.If it physically happend that way, consider of what little (less than little) value views would be (no predicate merging). Think about what it means in the real world - in business terms, in real performance. I wonder what his opinion of storing numbers in a string in the first place is....September 06, 2004 - pm UTC Ok, you said: hi, After analyzing the table CBO using a different plan.I brought up the form, searched for my organization and the information for that organization appeared.

Type ------------------------------------------- -------- ------------ US_CITY_ID NOT NULL NUMBER ADDR_COUNTRY_ID NUMBER ADDR_STATE_ID NUMBER COUNTY_ID NUMBER CITY_ID NUMBER CITY_NAM NOT NULL VARCHAR2(25) CITY_CD NOT NULL VARCHAR2(6) CITY_ZIP_START_CD NOT NULL VARCHAR2(6) CITY_ZIP_END_CD NOT NULL VARCHAR2(6)ADMINDESC TB_CMA086_US_CITY Name Null?While uploading a CSV file, I am getting error as : ORA-01722: invalid number" Can someone help me where I am wrong or where I need to modify something? When I create an organization, a record is inserted into the following table, AGREEMENTS, and populates four fields. I have a PL/SQL block process created (On Load-Before Header) in the Page Rendering area of my page definition.This select list is created via an LOV joining three tables. Condition Type: Value of Item in Express 1 is NULL. To troubleshoot this problem, I created two pages, one page to do the UPDATE and the second page to do the INSERT.The item name for this select list is : P6_DOCUMENT. The SEARCH functionality in both pages are identical.

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Hi, I am using Apex 3.2 on Oracle 11g (Enterprise Edition).