Orhan pamuk dating kiran desai

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Orhan pamuk dating kiran desai

Even on our worst days, our reason does not stop speaking to us; even if unequal to the power of our passion, it continues to whisper with merciless candor that our actions will serve no purpose but to heighten our love, and therefore out pain.

During the first nine months after I lost Füsun, my reason continue to whisper to me, ever more urgently, giving me the hope that one day it would usurp control of my mind and rescue me.

I often wonder if there was something amiss by decluttering, and this book almost make me want to be a hoarder again (lol!

I soon got so hooked on it that I finished half of the book in one weekend and by the next weekend I finished all of it.

I haven’t read any reviews related to it and I haven’t had a clue what the book was about, that was why I find many elements in this book a pleasant surprise.

The analysis of the film industry of Turkey and the gathering place of wanna-bes movie stars is one of the key theme in the book as Kemal funded his first film project.

Kemal’s relationship with each of the Keskin (Füsun) family, the memories and habits that they created together in the 8 years they dined and watched TV together.

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