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Parsdating com

For Each date Str As String In date Strings Dim date Time Value As Date Time Try date Time Value = Convert. If you prefer not to handle an exception if the conversion fails, you can call the Date Time. It returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the conversion succeeded or failed.

To Date Time(date Str, culture) ' Display the date and time in a fixed format. Write Line("", _ date Str, culture Name, date Time Value) Catch e As Format Exception Console. , whose Get Format method outputs a message to the console that it has been invoked, and then returns the Date Time Format Info object of the culture whose name was passed as a parameter to its class constructor. Globalization Module Example Public Sub Main() Dim culture Names() As String = Dim objects() As Object = For Each culture Name As String In culture Names Console.

// ' Sat, GMT' converts to 5/10/2008 AM Local time.

// '2009-05-01T.9843750-' converts to 5/1/2009 AM Local time.

date String = "not a date" Convert To Date Time(date String) ' Try to convert various date strings.

// '05/01/1996' converts to 5/1/1996 AM Unspecified time.

Get Format If format Type Is Get Type(Date Time Format Info) Then Console.

Write("(Custom Provider retrieved.) ") Return New Culture Info(culture Name). // ' Tue Apr 28, 2009' converts to 4/28/2009 AM.

' ' Wed Apr 28, 2009' is not in the proper format.

' '06 July 2008 AM' converts to 7/6/2008 AM. ' ' Sat, GMT' converts to 5/10/2008 AM.

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Module Conversion To Date Time Public Sub Main() Dim date String As String = Nothing ' Convert a null string.

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