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She was preceded in death by her parents and her beloved dogs, Rascal, Yarp and Bud.Penny graduated from Jamaica High School and attended Parkland College.Other than Christopher, Smith has not in the past been linked with anyone, well not any that the media is aware of.

There isn’t a vegetable I don’t like and I just love seeing that vista of colour on my plate.

But if I had to choose, my all-time favourite is probably the carrot.

Whenever I go on a long car journey I always take a bag of carrots with me to snack on and I generally get through the lot.

Many of Smith’s fans have been wondering about the status of her romantic life, whether or not she is married or just dating someone.

While Smith herself hasn’t come out outrightly to talk about her romantic life, we’ll explore some facts that will help us determine the status of her romantic life.

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