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The charges stated Danner engaged in a sex act with a female husky named Velvet and male malamute named Wolf between March 1 and March 17 of this year.Danner plead guilty to one count of having sex with an animal. Without the plea, he faced up to three years in prison.However, the one time when your furry friend sprawling out on the bed might not be as cute as normal? It turns out, having a pet can actually affect your sex life (and not for the better).In a recent study at Pet Life Today, over 1,000 people who were currently in a relationship with a pet owner were asked to admit to how often they felt as though they were competing for their partner's attention with a pet. Thirty-one percent of people dating dog owners and 26 percent of people dating cat owners said that their partner's pet has interfered with sex and emotional intimacy.His internet usage is restricted way from certain web sites.Danner’s criminal history includes only minor traffic offenses and seven citations for failure to vaccinate pets for rabies.

Gaye is reported to have encouraged the women to engage in sex acts with his dog.

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Of the 40 percent of people who felt in competition with their partner's pet, 22 percent said it was over attention, 19 percent said affection, and 17 percent said love.