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Peterson dating

Self improvement doesn’t make your more “Desirable” it makes you a more welcome addition to another person’s life.

The Peterson brand is issued from the association of the brothers Friedrich and Heinrich Kapp with Charles Peterson.

A sort of “dominance IQ”, which I invite you to refer to as Alpha.

We’d expect to see enthusiasm for a mate track this dominance hierarchy quotient.

It’s simply that men and women who find things in common enjoy each other’s company.

Peterson’s injunction to “Clean up your room and take control of your health.” is excellent, but the rational is flawed.

After that, it really comes to down whether you like the same music.

The real 80/20 rule is that not lying and not smelling bad gets you 80% of the way towards finding a mate.

The other 20% involves being interested in things so that you can find common interests with others.

This would mean that women would maintain the same level of interest in a man throughout a relationship, unless the guys Alpha declined. Women enter into relationships hopefully and then sometimes lose interest. Women often differ on which men they find attractive. Men and women who stay together for long periods of time become increasingly attached to their mates even as their bodies decay and their reproductive capacity implodes. Why aren’t people more eager to get rid of a spouse and keep their money?

Could it be because the relationship has an inherent value that exceeds the upside of finding a more attractive or wealthy partner?

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People seek out individuals they can form productive relationships with.

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