Playfire not updating

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Playfire not updating

Not long after, Epic Games' Tim Sweeney made a blistering critique of UWP and Microsoft's attitude toward it.

Microsoft's lukewarm response prompted the Unreal creator to lay out his ideas for improving the platform.

If VRR was a brand new concept instead of an established feature, how long would it take for UWP adoption?

As a PC enthusiast, I’m not really the target market for UWP games: my gaming is done on one platform, I never tussle with malware, et cetera.

It’s not good enough to just achieve parity with Steam, if you do, congratulations, you’re #2.

You must meet and exceed the functionality of Steam or you will remain an “also ran.” If UWP captured the market, would any of you be worried about software/platform stagnation? future new features would have to be rolled into UWP for use, and Microsoft isn’t very responsive or forward-looking.

There is quite a bit of promise in UWP (even for gaming), but Microsoft will have to execute and sustain at a previously-unseen level for the platform to rival Steam.

The only reason you don’t need to install a client is because it’s built into the operating system. Not that Steam is a large program or that installing it is some kind of problem. But all of them get games from the windows 10 UWP store, and like the way they install, uninstall, and update.I don’t even install Steam; haven’t for many years now. Too be honest, I expect the UWP program won’t be terribly successful, but that’s not because it isn’t an improvement, rather it’s because people ask questions of those who they think are computer savvy, and you (and many other people on this site) are terribly biased against the much needed progress.I just run the same copy I’ve had from the drive it’s on. There are roughly 100,000,000 sold windows phones, though compared to android and iphones, it’s not that many. Security, ease of use, and financials are all improved by this system, but you’ll rally against it, because steam. Steam BADLY needs a real competitor, and you’ll fight against it because of a skewed value system. There are loads of people who prefer a single, built in, secure, easy to use, app platform. I don’t get why you think other people should only use computers the same way you do. Microsoft consoles and devices are certainly not nonexistent, but they are certainly not what common people have in mind when they hear the concept of “buy once play anywhere.” And your wife and grandma certainly could install Steam. And while I wholeheartedly embrace competitors like Greenman, GOG, D2D, Playfire, etc., stores that are backed by someone who has an unfair advantage are not really fair competitors.Until today, UWP games were required to use vertical sync, so these two changes are a welcome relief for titles like , too.Microsoft does caution that its update alone won't turn on these features in UWP titles.

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This is welcome news, but it’s very telling that the framework was allowed to launch without arguably ubiquitous features.

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