Please check the controlling of updating backorders Adult bristol chat

Posted by / 06-Nov-2020 22:19

Please check the controlling of updating backorders

Arrange orders in ascending or descending order by Order number, Date or Total by clicking the heading.

Click the order number and customer name to see the Single Order page, where you can also Edit order details, Update Status, and Add Notes. Clicking Preview opens a Modal, containing order number, order status, billing/shipping details, items ordered, payment method, and the option to change/edit order status. Hovering over an order Status displays Notes made on the order.

Note that adding an order manually has no effect on stock/inventory.

The Oracle Inventory profile option, INV: Capable to Promise, then determines which data store to perform availability checking against.Starting with it is possible to remove customer data.On the Orders screen, under Bulk Actions there is a “Remove personal data” option that will remove the data for the orders selected: Please note, that once you press Apply this will remove personal data with no further warning.Prerequisites If necessary, determine and set the value for the following profile options: Overview ATP results displayed within Order Management are either based on collected data or planning data.The value of the profile option INV: Capable to Promise determines if ATP results are based upon collected data or planned data.

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