Post dating personal checks

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Post dating personal checks

Payees need to cash checks before that deadline to avoid bouncing them.

This problem can still affect you even if the payee is the one dragging their feet.

It will hurt it -- maybe by just a few points or maybe by a lot.

How much depends on:a C/ How old is the account relative to your other accounts?

The Answer: My first question for you: Why do you want to close it so badly?

One good reason to close it might be if there was a new annual fee.

Your bank has a sample of your signature and if you write it out too fast, your bank may deem it illegible and bounce your check.

Of course, checks will also bounce if you forget to sign them altogether.

Your check won't be honored if its written and numeric amounts don't match, or if it bears any suspicious markings.

Double-check that each section on your check is filled out correctly before handing it over.

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The Question: I recently sent in my rent check early, as I usually do, with the date on the check reading Sept. The check was cashed by my landlord at his bank (Dollar Bank), and my own bank (Key) on Aug. There would have been enough money in there by Sept. But they may be referring to the fact that you're not supposed to give someone a check that you know is not good at that moment. I'm working with the bank to see if they can't give you more of a break this one time. You will get burned, and you will be the one in the wrong.

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