Problems updating ipod to ios 5

Posted by / 17-Mar-2020 05:02

In this example I am using an i Pod touch (4th gen) – connected to a Windows 7 PC.But the backup process is the same for all i OS devices. At the top of i Tunes you’ll see it’s backing up your device.Open i Tunes and plug your device into the computer. If you look at your device, you’ll see the message Syncing in Progress. After the backup is complete and verified, highlight your device. Here I started my upgrade right after it was released, so it’s taking a long time. Now you can start exploring the new features i OS 5 has to offer.To make sure the backup was successful, you can view the Backup History. Now in the Device Preferences window, click on Devices. Then click Check for Update In the Version section on the right. You’ll see a series of messages in i Tunes while the update happens. Then you’ll see your device has been successfully restored. When it has finished the upgrade, your device will appear in i Tunes again. Remember, a lot of users will be upgrading during the first few days of the release.As some of you have figured out, this may not be the case.The fix: There isn't one just yet, but it was discovered that the problem originates mostly with users who compress their files to 128Kbps so that they can fit more music on their i Pod.Problems ranged from lengthy downloads of the new i OS from i Tunes, to some users who had been left with bricked phones and erased contacts after the update.Others complained that their paid apps had been wiped from their phones, and not restored when they did get i OS up and running.

Follow our groovy upgrade guide here to make sure the upgrade happens seamlessly.If holding the power button doesn't turn off the device, press the Sleep/Wake button and the home button at the same time until the device powers down.Don't release the Sleep/Wake button or the home button until the device is off.This is what most users refer to as a "bricked" i Phone or i Pod touch.The fix: You'll have to put your phone into forced recovery mode.

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Apple has opened up new server space, and the demand is dying off slowly due to reports of problems.