Problems with relative dating

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Problems with relative dating

Similarly, as molten lava rises through a conduit from deep inside the earth to be erupted through a volcano, pieces of the conduit wallrocks and their isotopes can mix into the lava and contaminate it.

Yet this view is based on a misunderstanding of how radiometric dating works.Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Relative Dating Answer Key.Some of the worksheets displayed are Relative dating work, Relative dating lab, Determining the age of rocks and fossils, Work the geological time scale, Relative dating ii, Biology relative dating work, Edible rock activity guidelines2, Data 18 student work dating the fossil record.But when we date the rocks using the rubidium and strontium isotopes, we get an age of 1.143 billion years.This is the same age that we get for the basalt layers deep below the walls of the eastern Grand Canyon.4 How could both lavas—one at the top and one at the bottom of the Canyon—be the same age based on these parent and daughter isotopes?

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