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You don’t hear us discussing it often because we’d have to admit to our fears of not feeling valued because we aren’t where we are “supposed to be in life.” Think about it: Thirty-four-year-old men aren’t supposed to be five years removed from an internship and expect to find a woman who will view them as potential relationship material.

Most women my age have children and may see a man who makes less than they do as another mouth to feed. Remember that society views me as “old” and “late in the game,” too.

Men like me who are professional late bloomers can conceivably find such dating pools nearly impossible to access when women at this age are beginning to think long term.

And I repeat: I don’t have an issue with my financial status; it is something, however, that I find many women care about, and it makes me not even try to put myself out there at all because I feel I won’t measure up in their Excel dating-requirements spreadsheet.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting that all high-income women fit into the dilemma I’ve described.Perfect – and the least imperfection derails things.Met an attractive black woman a few weeks ago on a website who lived locally.Found this article and though it encapsulated modern black professional dating, although it was published 2 years ago.Hate to tell this guy, but even making substantially more than some professional black women I’ve gone out with – it can be difficult.

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I drive a modest car, having gotten out of the childhood stage of driving the high end cars a long time ago to impress anyone.

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