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Many other large companies have transitioned to this more contemporary way of distributing annual meeting materials, often called “e-proxy” or “Notice & Access.”HOW GE SHAREOWNERS BENEFIT FROM E-PROXY.

This “e-proxy” process, expedites our shareowners’ receipt of these materials, lowers the costs of proxy solicitation and reduces the environmental impact of our annual meeting.

We do not know of any reason why any nominee would be unable to serve as a director.

If any nominee is unable to serve, the Board can either nominate a different individual or reduce the Board’s size.

Any current director who does not meet this standard is subject to the Board’s policy regarding resignations by directors who do not receive a majority of “For” votes, which is described in the Board’s Governance Principles (see Helpful Resources).

All other matters are approved if supported by a majority of votes cast.

Since 2014, we have distributed proxy materials to some of our shareowners over the Internet by sending them a Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials that explains how to access our proxy materials and vote online.

Shareowners who hold shares directly with the company may attend the meeting and vote in person, or may execute a proxy designating a representative to attend and vote on their behalf.

If you do not hold your shares directly with us and they are instead held for you in a brokerage, bank or other institutional account, you may attend and vote in person if you obtain a proxy from that institution in advance of the meeting and bring it with you to hand in along with the ballot that will be provided.

You may change your vote by revoking your proxy at any time before it is exercised, which can be done by voting in person at the meeting, by delivering a new proxy or by notifying the inspector of election in writing.

If your GE shares are held for you in a brokerage, bank or other institutional account, you must contact that institution to revoke a previously authorized proxy.

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If any matter not described in this proxy statement is properly presented for a vote at the meeting, the persons named on the proxy will vote in accordance with their judgment.