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Puremessage not updating

I suggest you restart immediately to complete the process.

Run Windows Module Installer The Windows Module Installer is a built-in Windows 10 service.

2.1 Deploying Pure Message to Exchange servers You can deploy Pure Message to single or multiple Exchange servers.

Installation involves the following steps: ■ Checking the system requirements. ■ Preconfiguring updates (Sophos Enterprise Console customers only). ■ Installing a Pure Message console on a separate computer (optional).

Update installation: Follow the steps described in this guide. 3.2.2 Install and configure IIS 7/7.5 on Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2008. Check thatand optimizing Microsoft Exchange Server deployments. For example, the BIG- IP product increases the availability, scalability, and ....

by Intelligent Compression, this solution maximizes application availability, allows for trouble- free.

Example: Exchange 2007/2010 roles Pure Message can be installed on a single Exchange server carrying out multiple Exchange roles, but can also be installed on Exchange servers with dedicated roles as illustrated below.

Figure 1: Exchange 2007/2010 roles 5 Pure Message for Microsoft Exchange 2.2 Deploying Pure Message to an IIS SMTP gateway You can significantly reduce the scanning overhead on your back-end email servers (both Exchange and non-Exchange) by deploying Pure Message in a gateway role on a front-end server to filter the majority of unwanted email from inbound SMTP traffic.

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Type the following and hit Enter: Once successfully executed, you should see [SC] Change Service Config SUCCESS display within the Command Prompt console.