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If you don’t know immediately how close you are to that final stage of grief, take a look for some solid positive signs that you might be ready to move on.

Jennifer’s, Samantha’s and John’s concerns are common, because according to the U. Census Bureau, 19.3 million Americans get divorced each year, and many of them date and eventually remarry.

Or if your relationship was strained toward the end, the grieving process can be harder as it might involve forgiving yourself too.

In a certain sense, no matter how “good” a death it might have been, one’s grieving is never fully finished, because you can never go back to what you had before and take away the void left by the loss.

That being said, though, there are some signs you can look for to help you understand if you might be ready to try dating again, or if you do need more time.

I’m no counselor or expert in the psychology of loss, but I know from friends who’ve experienced such things that the grief we go through after the death of a loved one does tend to follow a certain process, often not too different from the way a psychology textbook might outline it.

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With some time and healing, though, it’s only natural to eventually start thinking about dating again. When is a healthy time to try dating again after such a deep loss?

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