Research about dating in internet

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Research about dating in internet

That makes online dating by far the most common way that American couples now meet.

This was also the case for more than 60% of same-sex couples that year.He and fellow researchers present several other notable findings about the rise in online dating.They explain that it is not phone apps, but rather websites accessed via computers, that account for most of the online relationships created in 2017, though that may be changing.For example, both men and women who messaged people more desirable than themselves wrote longer messages on average than those sending messages to undesirable mates—which, for the record, didn’t help either sex make their case to the potential partner, except in Seattle, where men were more likely to be messaged back after sending a long message.Daters also chose a different vocabulary when messaging those more desirable than themselves.

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They also note that the share of people who first met online and were previously strangers rose from about 81% in 2009 to almost 90% in 2017.

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