Rodrigo santoro dating history

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Rodrigo santoro dating history

So, maybe you should pull some strings and get yourself a ride. has a fantastic international cast and crew, with director Kim Jee-woon being Korean, obviously you’re very famous in Brazil, plus Genesis Rodriguez and Luis Guzman.

Could you talk about the experience of just working with that international cast and how that worked as far as communication and different mindsets? Starting with the director, the meeting that I had with the director prior to start shooting the film, I was very impressed already.

That relationship is like: they dated in high school, she knows him better than anyone, but he always let her down basically and now they have to put their differences aside and work together, which was the fun part. We’re working for something bigger than our relationship. She was very helpful and invested in just talking to try to create that story and the director, too, very interested in what can we build and what kind of details can we bring.

But basically we were building that, especially the relationship between Frank and Sarah (Jaimie Alexander).I was a fan of his work; I’ve seen two movies before meeting him, but when I met him…Arnold mentioned something about that he spoke very little English and we had a translator, but it’s incredible just how much he can express himself without even speaking.I got that from the meeting we had before shooting. I did want to talk about your character, Frank Martinez, a little bit.They actually just took us up to a ranch where he has his own tank that he actually drove in the Austrian Army when he was 18. It was originally brought over for a Planet Hollywood that he wanted to have a military theme.He bought it and flew it over here about twenty years ago. Well now you can ask him to give you a ride some time. But for this, since it’s his return to action, he wanted to have something big and fun for the press people to do.

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That was fun to play and I have worked before with Zach.

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