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Rosie thomas sufjan stevens dating

He sings about falling out of love on "Spencer's Butte", a landmark in Oregon. The songs on C&L are emotive but not overly detailed/descriptive. It's his business, but even if I'm just projecting, even if it doesn't matter...

I googled the place, and the pictures I found (here's one ) reminded me of a couple pictures Sufjan posted on his blog, mainly this and this . In all honestly I think this is a stretch, and though Sufjan's sexuality doesn't matter too much much I'm pretty convinced he's straight... EDIT: Also, I'm not too sure who this Andrew is, anyone familiar with him? I got the impression "John My Beloved" might be partially a song about hooking up with a guy out of grief and falling for them despite not totally . There's also a line in "Drawn to the Blood" that goes, "the strength of his arm, my lover caught me off guard..."Sufjan's always been pretty vague about who he's singing love songs to. I am a married (to a woman) man but as a younger man I had several sexual experiences with male peers.

At the end of the day, I rather enjoy the ambiguity.

It makes it sound like a HUMAN singing, rather than a man or woman.

Better late than never. Live and learn.

It only makes sense if you listen closely to the lyrics.Thus, today’s list of women to listen to will be a mixture of both. We greatly underestimated the demand first time around so we scrambled to get more made.Regardless, he seems like a fairly private person, so we may never know.Well put, I got the same impression from many of the same songs you list.

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