Row cannot be located for updating saleslogix

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Anything in a Sales Logix database that's stored in a BLOB (Binary Large OBject) field can be searched, decoded, viewed (in both text and hex modes), printed, listed, and exported - all using a simple Explorer-like interface.Electrician automatically determines the correct way to "decode" each BLOB, and even decodes parts that other programs can't! The custom field has been set to the 80-character maximum in Salesforce.Not all validation rules are appropriate for the synchronization process, especially in scenarios where the sync process has no way of knowing the information that is being required.Electrician produces attractive printouts of your scripts and the decoded text of other plugins, and it can also save plugin text data as text or RTF files.

If Salesforce requires them, they should be left up to the next record editor to complete, or another process should be defined to handle them.

Now, before an installation update can begin, if an Installation Password has been set by the administrator, the user will have to supply a valid Installation Password before they will be able to proceed with installing the update. When a Quote Werks update was just installed and a workstation runs Quote Werks for the first time, it will now prevent other workstations from running Quote Werks while Quote Werks is upgrading the data to the new Build. Most data stored in files has been moved into database tables.

All of the settings that have been transferred to database tables can be viewed from the new Settings Manager accessible by clicking on the [Settings Manager] button on the System tab of the Help-10.

Snapshot/Compare: Electrician can generate a quick "snapshot" file of all or part or your PLUGIN table with just two mouse clicks.

Later on, after you've made a few changes, you can go back and compare your PLUGIN table to the snapshot, and Electrician will make a list of the plugins that have been added, changed, or deleted.

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But hey, people seem to want things like this anyway!

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