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Web Company does not take responsibility for any user-reviews of websites inside its resource and reserves the right to keep or remove those. Web Company is not responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information.However, it wasn't only his relationship with Munn that was scrutinized.

.-The powers of the Controlling Officer in the case of Railway servants employed in the Railway Board may be exercised by the following officers in respect of the Railway servants indicated against each :-(a) the authority competent to sanction the advance/withdrawal is satisfied that adequate reasons existed for not applying for the advance/withdrawals before the occurrence of the event and necessity still exists for withdrawing the money from the Provident Fund such as for liquidating some previous borrowings, and (b) In the case of withdrawals under rule 925(3), 925(4), 925(5) and 925(7) the concession will be further subject to the essential condition that the subscriber has either less than ten year's service before superannuation or has completed fifteen years' service (including broken periods of service, if any), whichever is earlier.(5) A subscriber who has drawn an advance in terms of sub-clauses (2) to (5) of clause (g) or rule 923, may convert at his discretion, by written request addressed to the Accounts officer through the sanctioning authority, the balance outstanding against him into a final withdrawal on his satisfying the condition necessary for the grant of such a withdrawal.

Rigorously studied and dated Late Quaternary paleoenvironmental reconstructions from Ranch La Brea (RLB) and the Los Angeles Basin are scarce.

Here, we use data from AMS radiocarbon dated insect fragments to infer local climates over the past 50,000 years.

-In special cases, the sanctioning authority may relax, the limit at (c) above but in no case should more than 10 months' emoluments be sanctioned provided further that advance for the marriage of a male should in no case exceed 6 months' emoluments.-In the case of subscribers to the Provident Fund where the balance in the Provident Fund account, consisting of his own contribution and an interest thereon, does not exceed, Rs.10,000/- and where the amount available as an advance for marriage purposes within the existing provisions of the Rule, is less than 90% of such amount, an advance upto 90% of the balance may be granted by the sanctioning authority.

Where, however, the entitlement of a subscriber, under the existing rules for an advance from the fund for the marriage purposes, is higher than the maximum ceiling of 90% referred to above, the higher amount will be permissible..-No hard and fast rules can be laid down for the certification of the fact of illness.

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