Samantha ronson dating dating former student illegal

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Samantha ronson dating

Rather than hitting clubs like Crown Bar or Villa, she's been staying home more regularly, plopped in front of the television set. Building a presence online has helped her let people know "there's a person in here," Lindsay says, tapping her head.

"And I have feelings too, whether it's about politics, the person I'm seeing, the person I'm not seeing. I don't want people to think that I'm just an empty fucking whatever." Lindsay is reclaiming her music and acting careers as well as, like most personalities these days, launching a fashion brand.

According to Us, Sam's mom and sister went to police in Beverly Hills to find out how they could get a restraining order against Lohan.Lindsay recalls, "Ali's known Samantha for a really long time. I probably won't ever do what it is you're doing, but I'm happy for you.' Ali's very mature.I've told her that it's okay to like a boy or a girl if you're comfortable with it and it's something you believe you want to do." But Lindsay admits candidly, "I did it to myself, and I have to deal with the consequences. We've seen her do enough.'" Lindsay's response may explain the nonchalant attitude the press has taken toward her latest reported romance, an apparent stabilizing force.She refuses to name DJ Samantha Ronson, known for her boyish attire, skinny jeans, and porkpie hat, as the object of her affection, though she has alluded to their relationship on her My Space blog.

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After being barred from Charlotte Ronson's party on Friday, Lohan began writing about the incident on Twitter, instantly feeding rumors of a breakup.