Sandra bullock latest dating rumors

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Sandra bullock latest dating rumors

“It was George who sets Brad with Sandy,” a source claimed.“George is determined to help heal Brad’s heart, and couldn’t think of anyone better than Sandy,” it added. I can't blame him for not wanting to admit he likes shit-encrusted asshole. His anus is so old and used that it's bound to collapse soon. This actress has not only been in this spot before, but has also won an Academy Award. Especially after being outed by countless massage boys.She tries to stay out of the tabloids and to never draw attention to herself except when it comes to one very important thing. Some of the best looking, most gorgeous actors in the world have been linked to Secret Keeper, but they never actually go out.It is probably fair to say that Secret Keeper has been linked with three of the hottest actors on the planet.

The report also claimed that things are going so great between Sandra and Brad that they actually plan on taking things to the next level.

Our actress has become a master of the beard and has told friends she used Katharine Hepburn as her role model.

Secret Keeper has always had that innocent look in movies.

Especially after her contract marriage fell apart because her dumb beard/friend was careless. Much like The Backstabber [another Blind Item where consensus said it was Reese Witherspoon], this actress also has tried to hold the title of the world’s sweetheart. That in of itself is not the biggest deal in the world, but it is the way she chooses to create this fiction around her which is probably the greatest acting job ever.

This actress who is still very much an A list actress has not worked much in the past two years but still maintains that status. One that she thinks if revealed would cause her to lose any future roles and would also make the public at large feel like they could never trust her. For the past 20 years our actress has been in the closet.

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Their message continued: "We have not seen nor spoken to each for over a decade.