Sbs 2016 dhcp not updating dns Telugu free web cam online chat

Posted by / 25-Apr-2020 06:33

Sbs 2016 dhcp not updating dns

The DHCP lease obviously does have both the IP and the hostname, so I'm puzzled as to why it is not updating the DNS. Jeffrey Kane: Just create a DHCP reservation for this machine and it will solve your problem.Yes, this did have the effect of getting the reserved IP into the DNS list! For one thing, I need to set the MAC address to do a DHCP reservation, which means I'll have to remember that if/when I change the network hardware in the DHCP client.

The reverse lookup zone exists, and I can add entries to it manually, but it doesn't automatically populate.

Jeffery Kane, that link seems to have done the trick!

The short answer is to put the local/client hostname in the /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1as: DHCP_HOSTNAME[0]="thishost" Normally I do mention distro and version, but for whatever reason I didn't think this was an issue on the Linux side.

I have a Linux host in my SBS2008 domain that get its DHCP address from the SBS2008 server (see underlined entry in DHCP image).

However, it does not put the DHCP IP into the DNS list so other hosts cannot get to it (see DNS image).

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Hopefully in the next couple days it will begin to populate Do you have name protection enabled?