Scott mechlowicz dating

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Scott mechlowicz dating

Over its opening weekend, the film grossed .7 million. on June 1, 2004, in an R-rated theatrical version (90 minutes) and an "Unrated" extended version (92 minutes).

It went on to gross .8 million in the United States and Canada and million in other territories, for a worldwide total of .8 million. The theatrical version was released on Blu-ray in 2013.

The scene where the main characters are boarding at the Paris railway station was filmed in Prague's main railway station (Hlavní nádraží).

The scene inside Vatican City was actually filmed in Prague's National Museum.

Mieke is happy to see him, and they have sex in a confessional booth before she leaves on her trip.

On the flight back to Ohio, Jenny and Cooper give into their urges and have sex in the plane's lavatory, while Jamie stays in Europe after being hired by Arthur Frommer.

Scotty and Cooper arrive in London, where they befriend a Manchester United football hooligan firm, led by Mad Maynard.Scotty's younger brother informs him that "Mieke" is a common German girl's name.Realizing that he had mistaken her name, and that he has feelings for Mieke, Scotty tries to contact her again, but finds that Mieke has blocked his email address.The film begins in the town of Hudson, Ohio, where Scott "Scotty" Thomas is dumped by his girlfriend, Fiona, immediately after his high school graduation in 2004.With his best friend, Cooper Harris, Scotty attends a graduation party that evening where the band performs a song detailing the affair Fiona was having with the band's singer.

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