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Sedating a dog for

You can administer Benadryl to your dog either in a liquid or pill form.

If you prefer to use the pill form of Benadryl, the easiest way you can get your canine friend to consume it is by hiding it in his food.

There is an oral sedative that your vet can dispense, it is called Ace (Acepromazine).

Once you have the Ace this is how you do it: 1- Always do it in the day when your vet is open just in case you need to take her in.2- Give her the Ace inside of a treat like a little bit of peanut butter.

This is the next probable question that normally comes to the minds of dog owners when Benadryl comes to the picture.

This normally happens especially when your dog is tired or experiencing some pain.If you have any questions I will online for another hour. Is it safe to have her eat while it's in her system, b/c I when we take her in for sedation they tell us not to feed her for 10 hours before.But ideally, I'd like to not have pills or anything at all, or at least be working TOWARDS that goal.In such cases, Benadryl comes in handy to help your dog enjoy his sleep.But how much Benadryl is enough for a dog to sleep?

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We started at 1 pill, worked our way up to 4 (which I don't feel comfortable doing) but she was still coherent enough that she freaks out when I start clipping.

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