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He has made such additions and now is the pos- sessor of one of the finest homes in the county, but not only is his house beautiful in design and perfect in appointment, but he has put up out- buildings that harmonize with it. Prom- holtz devotes most of his land to the cultivation of grapes and fruits of all kinds, to which his farm is particularly adapted. Promholtz enjoys has a right to con- gratulate himself, but when we realize that everything he has and is, is the result of his own diligent efforts, we feel that he lias every reason to be proud of his achievements.His cow barns and dairy sheds are as attractive, as such, as is the more pretentious residence. His fellow citizens showed their appreciation of his sterling character and proved abilities by electing him to the office, he is filling in the most satisfactory manner. Fromholtz's advent into the county, he married Miss Amelia Bngles, daughter of William and Wilhelmina Engles. Louis, the eldest son, is assist- ing his father with the work of the farm.

Isaiah Drake, father of him to whom this sketch is dedicated, was born in the city of London, England, whence he accompanied his parents to the United States, at which time he was a child of but six years of age.

He was summoned to the life eternal on the farm on which Joseph F. Drake became the parents of eight children — four boys and four girls, four of whom are living at the present time, in 1911. Drake received his preliminary educational training, his parents having settled in the Bluegrass state when he was a child of about ten years of age.

Drake now resides, his demise having occurred in 1887. When he had reached his eighteenth year removal was made to Wyandotte enmity.

He returned to Kansas and located in Kansas City, where he has maintained his home during the long inter- vening years.

For a few years he acted as local representative and reporter for the Kama* City Times, of Kansas City.

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NYPL RESEARCH LIBRARIES 3 3433 08178543 2 VA y HISTORY OF WYANDOTTE COUNTY KANSAS AND ITS PEOPLE EDITED AND COMPILED BY PERL W. II THE LEWIS PUBLISHING COMPANY CHICAGO 191 1 THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY 709036 ASTOH, LENOX AND TILDt N FOUNDATIONS R 1915 L Vincent J. — Not alone does this venerable eitizen of Kansas City, Kansas, merit consideration in this work by reason of the fact that he is one of the honored pioneers of Wyandotte county, which has repre- sented his home for more than half a century, but he also has been a most prominent and influential factor in the civic and material develop- ment and upbuilding of this favored section of the state, where his in- terests have been wide and varied. dean of the newspaper profession in Kansas, as he has figured as editor and publisher of one paper for a longer period than has any other man in the state.

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