Sex and the city episode miranda speed dating

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Sex and the city episode miranda speed dating

Big." Who: Craig Bierko Character: Ray King When: Season 4, 2 episodes Handsome jazz musician (and Mi Krop enthusiast) Ray gave Carrie the most intense orgasm of her life, but ultimately his assumed ADD got in the way.

Now, Bierko is known for his roles on "Law & Order: SVU," "un Real," and "Hot in Cleveland," He's also an accomplished Broadway actor, having appeared in several musicals including "Guys and Dolls," "The Music Man," and "Matilda." Who: Bryan Callen Character: Howie Halberstein When: Season 5, 1 episode Callen—who plays Harry Goldenblatt's best friend—has a one-night fling with Carrie, whose overzealous sex moves leave her basically crippled.

The shallow, patronising depiction of Louise aside, there's also an implausible budding romance between Stanford and Anthony, two gay characters who had positively hated each other on the TV series.He had no lines, but his signature smile is unmistakable.Who: Vince Vaughn Character: Keith Travers When: Season 3, 2 episodes Carrie meets this slick "tall drink of water" while in L. and buys his story about his being Matt Damon's agent.She house-hunts with him, makes out with him, and ultimately hops into bed with him, only to find out he's Carrie Fisher's personal assistant. Robert Leeds When: Season 6, 5 episodes A hot doctor for the Knicks, Robert moves into Miranda's apartment building and becomes her boyfriend.Despite his charm, Miranda was still too in love with Steve to give him a fair shake.

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Not that it mattered, since Carrie wiped out on the runway and became "fashion roadkill." Who: Matthew Mc Conaughey Character: Himself When: Season 3, 1 episode When Carrie goes to L.